FAQ Interview with Fashioned Magazine PT 1

Here are 11 FAQ/interview questions and answers from the Spring 2016 issue of Fashioned Magazine: You are the epitome of a workout buff, have you always had a passion to work out? When did you realize this would become a career for you? Being maybe 5 or 6, I’d always see my dad using the stationary bike and free weights to exercise, so I remember wanting to be like him and trying to follow suit, although I could barely touch the tip of my toes on the pedals. That was a seed that grew into becoming a high school freshman using the elliptical for 30 minutes for sake of feeling confident in my dance or cheer team uniforms, which turned into learning to use free weights and equipment, taking gro

When To Cheat | How Often Can I Eat Junk Food

I've long left the term and mindset of 'cheat meals', after years of being around old-school fitness competitor style programming and good intentions growing sour with my own results. Frankly, you'll drive yourself mad, at least eventually, embracing the mentality of certain foods being 'bad', and beating yourself up to whatever degree for "cheating". Instead, I believe with anything, its important to recognize where you're at, where you want to be, and what it really takes to get there. Life is too short to restrict ourselves from foods we really do enjoy, but it's also too short to constantly overindulge, always wishing we could have the results we want and never getting there. Knowing how