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Great workouts don’t have to include full size gym equipment, and when time and space are limited, less is definitely more. With bodyweight workouts and office or home routines becoming so popularized over recent years, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking for lightweight, portable equipment to mix up their arsenal of office and home-workout tools. I recently previewed the first of its kind, 4-in-1 mobile-connected smart home gym, called the “Move It”, which I’ve been incorporating into my own time-crunch sweat sessions at home. It includes comfortable, lightweight, interchangeable handles that, through sensor technology and a mobile connected app which syncs your phone to the hand

Not As Harmless As You Think

What's in your life that shouldn't be there isn't as harmless as you might think. Everything that goes in and out of what we do, see, hear and talk about impacts the way we think, what we do and how our life looks on the in and outside. You are the doorkeeper to who and what is and is not allowed in your life. We don't always have control over our environment, our circumstances and certainly not other people, but we do get to choose who and what stays, and who and what doesn't even get an invitation in. It's easy to adopt thoughts, ideas and behaviors from what and who we let in our life, so remember this when things aren't going according to plan, or you're feeling stuck in a funk or in som