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My First What I Eat In A Day Video | Quick Easy Meals

After all these years of YouTube'ing and sharing my life through social media, I've finally filmed a What I Eat In A Day video! And, although I didn't have time to plate out (unrealistically) aesthetic dishes, I hope you enjoy these quick and easy ideas you can incorporate into your own kitchen.

For a little context, my morning started at 6AM and I finished eating around 8:30PM. How frequently I eat in a day just depends on my schedule, hunger and activity levels. I don't follow any particular 'diet', although there are some foods that don't always agree with my body that I limit or avoid - but, more on that another time.

Here's the list of what I ate, as seen in the video:

Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancakes

Using the Chocolate Chip Power Cakes mix

Oat-milk instead of water, and the addition of 1-whole egg

You can order Kodiak Cakes mix from the website or find at most grocery stores.

Cottage Cheese with Nut Thin Crackers

I tend to buy regular cottage cheese rather than low fat, as I prefer the flavor and the moderate addition of calories from the fat content in about 1/2 cup serving. Traditional crackers are rarely in our pantry, but I love options like Nut Thins, which are in most grocery stores.

Turkey Carnitas Spring Mix Salad with Pre-Made Healthee Rice

Using left over shredded dark meat, seasoned with my favorite seasoning (adobo) and paired with ready-to-eat rice from Healthee that heats up in 90-seconds. You can order both their rice and risottos from Amazon (here) or find in some grocery stores.

Tuna Salad on Toast

I love that tuna salad is so easy to make and store in the fridge for a few days. I used avocado based mayo, stone ground mustard, and dill relish to mix this up and topped on a piece of sprouted grain toast.

Gluten Free Pretzels with Greek Cream Cheese

Pretzels aren't always in our pantry, but now and then I'll pick up a bag of the gluten free by Glutino that you can find in quite a few grocery stores or order on Amazon. I prefer Greek style cream cheese because the protein content is higher, and it really does pair well as a dip with pretzels or crackers.

Spicy Miso Ramen and California Roll

This was an impromptu dinner outing after Tyler came home from work, and I was craving spicy, hot ramen since the Santa Ana winds had been awful and my face felt like a giant ball of congestion. The sodium levels in ramen can be astronomically high, and the added oils can stack up depending on where you go, but I don't think twice about ordering a bowl once or twice a month. And, yes, I'm the Asian who prefers baked rolls and will eat a California roll any day, unless its made with imitation crab - then I'll pass.

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