Top 3 Movie Theater + On the Go Snack Hacks

Going to the movies is a classic way to decompress and spend a few hours out of the house, and can easily fit into a healthy lifestyle without consuming an upwards of thousands of extra calories in one sitting. Instead of diving into movie theater popcorn, greasy cheese nachos, an oily hotdog, or those cardboard boxes of sugar-stacked candy, bringing your own snacks is a perfect way to stay on track with your goals without feeling barren in those comfy theater seats. These some of the easiest, balanced snacks that are perfect for busy days on the go or that you can easily incorporate into your own movie theater outings: 1) Bring a bottle of water or buy one there. A water bottle is easy to p

Truth About Carbs and Fats

One of the biggest misconceptions in nutrition is that carbs and fats are 'bad', and should be eliminated or heavily restricted if you want a lean, healthy physique. In my twelve years of working in the health and fitness industry, I've seen (and experienced) more damage done by this idea than any other. This is because the hormonal and metabolic issues, not to mention poor mood, sleep and performance problems, caused by lack of adequate carbohydrates and fat in someone's diet have to be corrected before lasting progress is able to be made. Let me first assure you that giving up these two beloved macros is not required to look and feel your best. Both carbs and fats play crucial roles in ove