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Single  Coaching CONSULT cALL

Remote phone or video session to discuss current goals, history, as well as discussing next steps to moving forward into achieving goal/s with an actionable plan.


online coaching and programming

Remote workout and nutrition structure coaching with weekly check-ins via video or phone call with bi-weekly program adjustments and updates.





Limited 1-1 personal training spaces available in Orange County, California. 

Rate Varies by Frequency


group Training


In-person or remote group sessions available for personal training, programming and nutrition assistance.

Rate Varies on Number of Participants



My experience ranges from the aesthetics spectrum of body transformations, to the dynamics of everyday functionality- always including proper (and practical) nutrition, cardiovascular, resistance and core training. Clients I've worked with have ranged from ages twelve to ninety, with a variety of physical and nutritional histories and goals.


My journey in the health and fitness industry as a Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor, and Certified Nutrition Coach began in 2005 after deciding to compete in my first NPC Figure Competition in Washington State the Fall of 2004 and falling in love with fitness. Having been a dancer, cheerleader and equestrian since a young age, I had already been subjected to an active lifestyle that helped contribute to a new-found focus in fitness.


My passion for helping others learn the dynamics of exercise and nutrition soon revealed itself as part of my life’s purpose when I began personal training in 2005 for Gold’s Gym in Seattle and Redmond, Washington. I eventually left Gold’s after having been invited to train at Evolution Fitness in Bellevue where I was able to glean from some of the very best men and women in the industry. After feeling called outside of the corporate gym atmosphere in 2008, my focus turned to teaching nutrition, private contracting as a trainer and launching indoor and outdoor boot camps.


Although I'm no longer competing, I became pro-qualified after winning Overall (coming in 1st in both the Novice Short, Novice Overall, Open Short, and Open Overall) at the California Natural Championships in August of 2013. 


Through online communications and social media, my reach has grown globally and I've had the privilege of being acknowledged from a variety of sources including NY Times, Foam Magazine, The Examiner, and a wide array of bloggers as being up-to-date, refreshing and reachable. No matter where other endeavors take me, I will always have my hand in the fitness space, and hope to be able to add value to you in some way in your own journey!

Kelsey Lee Fitness
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