My Q+A With Noble's Motivation Blog

Noble: How did you get into the world of fitness? KL: My passion for fitness and healthy living didn’t happen overnight. What started as a little girl trying to be like her dad with a stationary exercise bike and a couple pieces of home equipment turned into getting a membership at the local court-club and joining a girlfriend for sweat sessions on an elliptical. I was a high school freshman just wanting to be in shape for the sake of feeling good, and didn’t even give weights or equipment outside of the cardio room a thought, until I realized how redundant my ‘workouts’ would be if I didn’t. The allure of venturing out of the cardio realm soon developed into playing around with free weights

Should You Limit or Avoid DAIRY?

I’d been diagnosed as allergic to dairy as a child yet had no noticeable symptoms until my mid-20’s after lethargy, indigestion and skin issues arose and became chronic. I then spent years going back and forth, going from one end of the spectrum to the other, being dairy-indulgent to totally dairy-free. Wondering if dairy is helping or hurting your cause for a healthy lifestyle and happy digestive system is a warranted thing to wonder, as there is no shortage of information (and misinformation) on the topic. First, consider that what causes unpleasant reactions from consuming dairy is a naturally occurring change in the human body between the ages of two and five. As much as 75 percent of th

One of My Top Picks for Healthy, Satisfying Nationwide Restaurants

This dining gem is scattered throughout the U.S. and I've been a true fan for years. I've come to know the seasonal menus year after year and have yet to meet a dish I, or those who join me, haven't loved! Watch this quick vlog from a night out with Tyler, some of our friends and yours truly and let me know if you need any recommendations or suggestions on locations: #vlog #nutrition #diningout #truefoodkitchen