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My Q+A With Noble's Motivation Blog

Noble: How did you get into the world of fitness?

KL: My passion for fitness and healthy living didn’t happen overnight. What started as a little girl trying to be like her dad with a stationary exercise bike and a couple pieces of home equipment turned into getting a membership at the local court-club and joining a girlfriend for sweat sessions on an elliptical. I was a high school freshman just wanting to be in shape for the sake of feeling good, and didn’t even give weights or equipment outside of the cardio room a thought, until I realized how redundant my ‘workouts’ would be if I didn’t. The allure of venturing out of the cardio realm soon developed into playing around with free weights and barbells in the gym, finding new confidence through sweat and iron, which turned into an outlet for ‘clinically diagnosed depression’, or in other words, the hard knocks of teenage adolescence most of us have experienced alongside the silent bullying some people believe only exists in movies like Mean Girls. The gym was somewhere I could go and feel safe, because at the time, other than home or with family, or youth group, I wasn’t exactly surrounding myself with the uplifting types, but that’s another story. The rest is history, as I discovered the joy I got from paying forward what I was learning, and helping other people find confidence in working out and making better lifestyle choices. Fast forward to today, having worked in the fitness industry for over a decade and earnestly being able to say in confidence that finding your own strength through an active lifestyle will add so much value to everything else you do.

Noble: What’s the most challenging aspect of being a fitness personality?

KL: Conveying the normalities of everyday life that any one of us experience, while still promoting a lifestyle that is only attainable with consistent, intentional work. Being relatable and reachable is really important to me, but I’m not going to be the one posting content that suggests drinking a tea or doing some magical new workout will change your world.

Noble: When you have down time what do you enjoy doing?

KL: Almost daily. I’ve made things like getting outdoors to explore a trail, work with horses, put time into a project I’m excited about, knocking out a workout and spending quality time with people a priority. Even if I’m just carving out an hour to do any one of those things in a day, I notice that I am more productive and positive in other areas of my life.

Noble: Who’s currently at the top of your playlist?

KL: For King and Country, Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots, maybe some 90’s pop and country. It’s kind of all over the place, I know.

Noble: What does success mean to you?

KL: Doing something you love while adding value to the world around you. It’s when we’re doing more of these things that we all win. We may not all be in our ‘dream jobs’ but we can all be doing at least something, at some level, that we really enjoy.

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