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Diminishing Intent and Procrastination

You know that feeling where everything feels bright and fresh, and you’re just ready to tackle the world? Well, whatever it is you have your heart set on accomplishing, or at least starting, in that moment, go for it and get it done, then and now. The good old law of diminishing intent, the dwindling out of motivated action, is a monster, and I can’t tell you how often I have to fight it – probably daily.

Maybe you find yourself raring to go- work out, organize something, clean something, get something done, talk to someone, follow through of some sort, but you let a little time to go by, do a little procrastinating and get distracted, or you wind up zombie’d out on social media, and you don’t do what you intended to do, and then the day is over. I know you feel me, or you’re lying. Unless you’re perfect. I’m definitely far from it, though.

Something that helps me win the war of diminishing intent is the mindset of ‘do it now’, no matter how insignificant the task might feel – even something like putting a fork in the dishwasher, or picking up a pair of shoes and putting them away out of the living room; as with all things, the little things dictate the big things, so be faithful with the small because then you can be trusted with the large.

Remember, time is life, and we should spend it well.

Leave a comment with how you fight the temptation to procrastinate til your intentions are diminished to another “do it later”!

So much love,


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