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New Fitness Technology | Best Portable Home Gym Equipment | Holiday Gift Guide

Great workouts don’t have to include full size gym equipment, and when time and space are limited, less is definitely more. With bodyweight workouts and office or home routines becoming so popularized over recent years, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking for lightweight, portable equipment to mix up their arsenal of office and home-workout tools.

I recently previewed the first of its kind, 4-in-1 mobile-connected smart home gym, called the “Move It”, which I’ve been incorporating into my own time-crunch sweat sessions at home. It includes comfortable, lightweight, interchangeable handles that, through sensor technology and a mobile connected app which syncs your phone to the handles via Bluetooth connection, track quality and number of reps, as well as calories burned, adding extra accountability to the workout.

With the use of the Move It’s push up grips, resistance bands, ab wheel and jump rope, full body workouts are just a decision away. The mobile app and sensory handles are essentially tracking your movement so you maintain your level of intensity, and through the “Gym Room” app setting, you can create your own workout/s while tracking your calories burned.

Here’s a quick circuit to follow if you’re short on time (other routines can be found through the partnering app):

(30 seconds each exercise, 10 second rest between sets, repeat circuit 4-5 times)

  1. Resistance Band Close Grip Bicep Curls

  2. Resistance Band Bent Over Tricep Kickbacks

  3. Resistance Band Bent Over Rows

  4. Jump Rope

  5. Push Ups (using knees for additional support)

  6. High Plank Mountain Climbers

  7. Ab Roll Outs (using knees for stability)

This is a great set up for small spaces that can be used to help develop core strength, stability, stamina and full body conditioning. It is currently available in black and red, or white. My favorite pieces are the resistance bands and the push up grips. The resistance band component really allows for versatility, since so many exercises traditionally done with dumbbells can also be done using bands. The pushup grips help strengthen and support the wrists, and can also be used for high plank (arms extended straight, rather than resting on forearms and elbows) variations, which can be seen in the new follow along workout video this week, so stay tuned to the channel to see it first!

For more information about Move It, visit their official website where you can also use my code, “KELSEYLEE” for a limited time 15% discount.

Stay tuned for the next Holiday Gift Guide product review and leave your comments to discuss or ask questions!

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