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5 Easy And Ready-To-Eat Hearty Carbs Worth Keeping In The Kitchen

1) Low sugar granolas – those made with oats offer a crunchy partner for Greek yogurt or a snackable side to an on the go protein shake or boiled eggs.

2) Pre-baked diced or cut organic potatoes – organic since the skin is so thin and they are typically grown above grown and coated with heavy pesticides; they make a great side to mains like turkey or grassfed meatloaf, grilled chicken, fish or even eggs (and a runny yolk over a bed of crispy edged potatoes is a favorite of many’a-foodie).

3) Pre-made and seasoned organic rice in to-go packaging, like Healthee’s variety of flavored rice and risottos – these are easy to pair with any protein and/or veggies and the to-go type container is nice for work or travel. The chicken and vegetable risottos are a delicious alternative to regular rice and are seasoned deliciously.

4) Organic sprouted grain breads – sprouted grains tend to be lower in gluten and lower on the glycemic index for slower digestion, and can be less allergenic for those with grain allergies. Not to mention a soft and hearty bread makes for a great sandwich, and is great to toast and top with avocado, hummus, eggs or how about a tuna sandwich with a salad, or grass-fed-cheese with tomato soup?

5) Canned (BPA free) beans or lentils – these legumes are high in fiber and vitamin B, and can accompany a variety of proteins. The magical fruit song doesn’t actually apply to most people, especially when fully cooked, and chewed well.

Need more ideas? Let me know how I can help by sending an email or commenting over on social @kelseyleedotcom!

Happy eating and living well!

-Kelsey Lee

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