When I Run I...

Running isn’t my heart’s first desire when I’m getting in a sweat session, but I’ve decided to re-incorporate it into my weekly routine at just 20-30 minutes, repeating over 2-3 non-consecutive days for sake of increasing my conditioning (which ebbs and flows throughout each year depending on what my focus or goals might be; hence why you don’t see me looking lean as a bean 24/7/365). This isn’t replacing my 3-4 weekly workouts, but added to the days in between. I’m not a treadmill fan, although I have been in the past (and would sprint my heart out like a hamster on a wheel until I realized clearing my head outdoors was so much more enjoyable for me), so pavement or a good running trail are

Rusty Beams and Dried Up Roses

At this 9/11 memorial in Napa, tucked into the rusty beams were these beautiful single roses that had dried over time; it took me back to my first trip to NYC in 2004 with the talent agency I was signed with, as a teenager who didn't [really] understand what had happened or why. I remember the feeling of my heart sinking to my gut seeing the last beams standing, and 🖊messages written on walls and fences [like, "daddy, please come home", "mommy, we miss you"...] with marker from children and loved ones of the lives that were lost; I'll never forget how that felt. I was moved with so much compassion in those minutes I stood there. That feeling is still fresh in my mind today, over a decade la

You Can Have It Together but Still Fall Short

You can have it together but still fall short. We don't have to have a life in shambles or be making obviously questionable choices to miss the mark and fall short. You don't have to be 'living in sin' to warrant some sort of attitude adjustment or change of perspective. There are always going to be areas in our day to day life that could benefit from adjustments. Most issues we face will put us in positions to either think, say or do something out of love, or out of something else (like irritation, pride, hurt, anger, bitterness, fear, pessimism, etc). And, there will always be those days when we're just not feeling our best, maybe didn't get a good night's sleep or are just surrounded by

Napa Valley & White House Inn Getaway

If you follow along with my social media updates on Instagram and Twitter, you might have noticed that I was recently in Napa with Tyler for a three-day getaway. This was our first Napa experience, so I thought I would share at least the highlights in case you ever find yourself wanting to venture to this part of wine country, yourself. After three productive days of helping a friend with business in San Jose, we packed up and left for Napa around noon on Monday morning. We were en route to White House Inn, a blend of downtown Napa and modern wine country melded into a newly renovated, contemporary boutique style bed and breakfast. The drive was just under two hours from downtown San Jose in