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You Can Have It Together but Still Fall Short

You can have it together but still fall short. We don't have to have a life in shambles or be making obviously questionable choices to miss the mark and fall short. You don't have to be 'living in sin' to warrant some sort of attitude adjustment or change of perspective. There are always going to be areas in our day to day life that could benefit from adjustments.

Most issues we face will put us in positions to either think, say or do something out of love, or out of something else (like irritation, pride, hurt, anger, bitterness, fear, pessimism, etc). And, there will always be those days when we're just not feeling our best, maybe didn't get a good night's sleep or are just surrounded by people who are driving us crazy, and we wind up making sub par choices in how we respond to situations, contribute to conversations or behave all together. Falling short isn't something we should continue to settle for, but it does set us up to be on target the next time, as long as we're willing to try.

In recent months, although life is good and I have nothing to truly complain about, a heavy situation presented itself that has really tested my willingness to think, speak and act out of love. In other words, I've definitely thought things, said things and made knee jerk decisions that only worsened bad news and disappointment. Those weren't my most noble moments, but they've been solid reminders that we can pretty much 'have it together' and still totally miss the mark. Its important to remember that even if we have it together, we'll still fall short, because we're human, meaning we're not perfect, and even if we aren't making sub par choices, others who affect our reactions might- because we live in a world with other people, and where there are people, there will be problems. The good news is that as soon as we accept those facts, the easier it is to make the adjustments necessary to become better than we've been no matter what happens to or around us.

My heart's prayer in writing, and maybe yours in reading, this is, "Thank You, Lord, that even if in so many ways I miss the mark, You never give up on me."

When you come to find yourself missing the mark, as we do, do the right thing/s and make adjustments so falling short doesn't become habitual. Our habits are what make us, so develop them wisely.

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With love,

Kelsey Lee

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