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4 Perfect Date Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to show some extra affection and appreciation to your significant other and aren’t interested in spending an entire paycheck on one occasion, here are four of Tyler's and my favorite, simple ways to create a memory making experience without all the fluff:


Getting outdoors for a good long walk or scenic hike and striking up a good conversation while finding things to admire along the way. Sometimes it’s the little things, like noticing the dewy green grass or the bird singing in the tree that can help recharge our hearts. Hold hands. Be cute. Find things to laugh about.

Going out for food then hopping somewhere else to grab dessert or a drink. A traditional way to enjoy good conversation and a great reason to enjoy some of your favorite dishes together. Saving dessert or a drink for a separate location equates to more dedicated time together. Put the phones away so you can whole-heartedly enjoy each other's company.


Treating each other to practical gifts, like a good pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on, or day-to-day wearables. Choose things that make life better without splurging on stuff that might just sit around. The occasional novelty gift is great, but if that isn't on the agenda, find out what your special someone could really use to make life better on a regular basis.

Calling it a night-in and cooking a meal together, choosing recipes that require a little teamwork, followed by dessert and putting on a feel-good movie without any cell phones around. Being present and undistracted are two of the most important variables in a rich and successful relationship.

We’ve been married a little over 8-years, and have found through trial and error that doing the ‘simple’ stuff really is the most enjoyable way to spend time together. The best part about these four options is that you could put them on repeat for any occasion, or fill an entire day doing them all.

Hope this has been helpful - let us know!

Kelsey + Tyler

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