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FAQ Interview with Fashioned Magazine PT 1

Here are 11 FAQ/interview questions and answers from the Spring 2016 issue of Fashioned Magazine:

You are the epitome of a workout buff, have you always had a passion to work out? When did you realize this would become a career for you?

Being maybe 5 or 6, I’d always see my dad using the stationary bike and free weights to exercise, so I remember wanting to be like him and trying to follow suit, although I could barely touch the tip of my toes on the pedals. That was a seed that grew into becoming a high school freshman using the elliptical for 30 minutes for sake of feeling confident in my dance or cheer team uniforms, which turned into learning to use free weights and equipment, taking group exercise classes and finding my confidence around the gym. Friends began to see me as the go-to for workout and healthy eating advice, and after moving from my hometown to the ‘big city’ of Seattle as an ambitious 18-year old, I decided to continue paying it forward by beginning to train and coach others.

Who is Kelsey? What is it about you that makes you unique?

I love this question; it’s the kind we should all be able to answer in confidence – and one I’d stumble around on for most of my teens and early twenties. I’m just someone learning how to be the best me I can and trying to add value to as many lives as possible along the way. Outside of being someone in the entertainment or fitness space, I’m not much different than most people. I love and care deeply for my friends and family, enjoy the simple things in life like meaningful conversation, fun food- and a lot of it, sleeping in, making memories with great company and challenging myself to do more of what I love. I’m also a wife to a huge-hearted police officer who was previously active duty in the Marine Corps, and that has definitely shaped much of my life. I’ve been told numerous times by ‘important industry folks’ to be less candid, less modest, less faith-centered, less husband-centered. I have no interest in following any of that advice, and know those are some of the reasons I’m unique.

What inspires you to work out?

Personal accountability to simply feel and function well at the things I do. The backbone of #makefitmatter is about taking care of your temple and making fitness a lifestyle component so you can operate better in whatever it is you do- and that’s really good accountability for me to stay committed to squeezing a workout in where I can and being in motion as often as possible.

What would you say to encourage someone who isn’t motivated to exercise?

Face your why- the reason having a fit and able body matters, and having an answer to the question of what does it matter if you don’t? Usually the honest answers boil down to reasons like overcoming deeply rooted self-esteem issues, lost time feeling less than their best, or being able to keep up with their kids or grandkids, who they are to their loved ones –the things that matter most, and being fit and able can add so much value to all of it.

We believe that everyone is uniquely fashioned, what are some different ways someone can enjoy going to the gym?

If it has to be a gym, then definitely keep it fresh by avoiding the same exact exercises in the same exact order every workout. Using a variety of free weights, machines and cables (if available) can help steer clear of the mundane. I’m a big proponent of utilizing bodyweight movements, even in a gym, so the more someone can incorporate those, the better the odds are of enjoying their sweat sessions rather than dreading some sort of repetitious routine on the same equipment. It’s so important to remind others that a gym isn’t required to make fit matter, and condition their body. We were designed to move, fashioned – really, to be active, so that could be anything from gardening, brisk walks, hiking, cleaning the house with a few bodyweight squats thrown in, riding a bike, horseback riding, water sports, playing with the kids, parking further away and incorporating more steps throughout the week, taking the stairs… I’m sure I could keep going, but you get the gist!

You’re probably up and up in the know about workout trends – what are some of your favorite workout trends that you’ve found to be effective?

Trend is such a funny term, so I’ll say that anything promoting anything other than putting in consistent work, staying in action and taking total ownership over the outcomes, is just that – a trend, or something with enough hype to have people’s attention, but not something that will teach someone how to obtain and sustain long term results. Stay away from that stuff. I’m all for anything that promotes working hard enough to reap some kind of benefit through an elevated heart rate and a body in motion. I don’t know if I should categorize it as a trend, but home workouts have really powered through to the masses over the last 5-years, and what I love about that is more people can experience a stronger, healthier and more conditioned mind and body without the variables of gym memberships, commutes, time constraints and daunting crowds.

Your five favorite workout moves or exercises?

Pushups, Lunges, Shoulder Press, Starfish Crunches (you’ll have to work out with my ab/core videos to find out what that is), and Burpees (google ‘burpee’ – I think I’m still somewhere towards the top with a tutorial video)!

You hear different things about how frequently someone should work out or how long they should get their heart rate up on a daily basis. What is the bottom line for these numbers?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer since we all respond differently to activity levels and nutrition variables, but for general conditioning, 3-5 days of focused exercise lasting anywhere from 30-60 minutes is a great and practical range. That’s the frequency and duration I follow, but am also intentional to plug in other ways to be active, doing things like riding, hiking and squeezing in extras like taking the stairs and avoiding up-front parking.

Anyone who knows you, knows of your love for animals- what is your spirit animal and why?

This is debatable depending on who you ask, but I’d say it’s definitely… a cat. Let’s keep it real- if I could be pet, fed, snuggled and allowed to sleep at my leisure, with the occasional outbursts of unexplained energy, I’d take it! Not to mention, cats are super agile, but sturdy – you know? They can ninja off rooftops without breaking into pieces. That’s pretty aspirational.

In the world of body, there is probably a lot of pressure. What are some of the pressures you have faced in this fitness industry and how did you overcome and/or survive those pressures.

So much, of all sorts. I’m definitely not the rock hard body, the year-round spray tanned type or the ultra-done-up sort of girl in push up bras and booty baring shorts that rack up the most attention in the fitness space. I’ve been turned down for on camera jobs for those reasons, and have been sent feedback from potential brand partners or casting directors that I’m too modest, my photos or videos need to be edited or manipulated to be more marketable, I’m not lean enough, even that I talk too slow. It’s unbelievable that those are even ‘issues’, and I’d be a liar if I said there haven’t been moments I almost convince myself to veer into those categories until I realize there’s nothing of any real value to be gained (by other people, or me) from doing so. It is insanity how much deceit and self-idolatry plagues society, and I want to be accountable to not contribute to it.

You generate a very positive image that goes beyond just being skin deep. Anything you’d like to say to those who make that their sole focus?

Just going back to what we just talked about in overcoming pressures, you really have to get real with yourself and ask if what you’re doing, what you’re focused on and what you prioritize, actually adds real value to the world. If we keep it simple, we’ll be less likely to scoot around and start making justifications for behaviors that just mimic the most meaningless parts of society.

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