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Why Black Beans + Over Medium Eggs = An Awesome Go To

Need some food inspiration? If you're interested, I'll be sharing a whole lot more here on the blog of what goes on in our kitchen, including practical meals that contribute to eating intentionally for a strong metabolism and a healthy body!

You can count on me making this particular combo, or something close to it, five or more times in a week, because I'm a sucker for savory, and egg yolks and avocado are my good-fat-kryptonite! I was a sophomore when my high school boyfriend's stepmom moved to the states from Costa Rica. She would invite me to help her prep food anytime we would have lunch or dinner together, and one of her most frequent meals was a combination of white rice, black beans, runny eggs and green sauce, all mixed together. It sounds questionable, but this combo won my heart from the first bite and after learning how easy it was to recreate, it became a staple in my kitchen and remains one today. This is also proof that great things can come from awful situations (insert awkward laughter)!

This dish is so simple to throw together. I prep ground turkey and season (heavily; I'm a seasoning freak) with taco seasoning, and sauté with onions and/or peppers. This is such an easy protein option to keep in the fridge a few days (or store some in the freezer if you want to prep a big batch). Black beans, pan heated with a little garlic and pepper, topped with over-medium eggs and avocado. If you're a salsa lover like I am, then that's a must, and really adds to the flavor profile.

Keep in mind that:

One EGG is comprised of 5 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein.

A half cup of sliced AVOCADO (72grams) contains around 10 grams of fat.

A half cup of BLACK BEANS contains 22 grams of carbs, 8 grams of protein.

(Ground turkey or other protein sources vary depending on leanness and type.)

So, be mindful in how much of each ingredient/food you incorporate to each meal. This particular dish is heavier on fat, so for me and my body at a comfortable maintenance level, I'll just eat a little less fat around the other meals through the day (depending on what I have going on a day, I'll have 4-6 balanced meals).

If you want to see more of these blog shares, then leave your comments and let me know!

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