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Stuff Happens, So What Will You Do

There's the highlight reel of the in-your-face (typically manipulated and ultra-edited) social media world, and then, there's day to day reality with no filters and no editing. Real life means sharing the world with other people, and where there are people there will be problems, often in the least expected seasons of our life, or from the most unexpected people - possibly even the ones who mean the most to us. Regardless of the what that happens when, with who, where and why, there's a question we need to be ready to answer so that we don't find ourselves derailed and self-sabbotoging into some sort of oblivion out of hurt, despair, frustration or offense. The question is "what will you do?".

I've had countless challenges, disappointments and plenty of unwarranted people problems, just like anyone else, and many I'm sure you could relate to. By default (and to a fault), my historical response to "what will you do" has been to let things brush under the rug, or pretend to be oblivious to all the facts in order to keep things 'cool' or in attempt to avoid conflict, or even protect my own emotions from the whole truth; maybe confront the situation half-heartedly out of weakness or fear of ruffling too many feathers or creating uncomfortable conversations. As 'fine' as that all seems, that's a sure way to harbor so much hurt, disappointment and other kill-you-slowly sort of thoughts and emotions that an inevitable breaking point will hit you like a ton of bricks one way or another, one day or another. That's not the eventual outcome you want to spend your time dealing with, because time is life, and life is short. Emotional combustion will do a serious number on anyone, no matter how tough, how fit, how successful, how what-ever they seem to be.

Over the years, and learning the hard way from my perpetual history of the aforementioned response-style to less than ideal life happenings (self induced or people problems), I've become more confident in facing the facts, addressing the issue and moving on- but not without learning from it, even if it hurts. This goes for any situation, involving people or simply circumstances, be it I've been the offender or the offended. And remember, offense is not given, it is taken, so when we feel offended, or hurt, we need to decide what we're going to do with it, and that decision better include moving on and learning from it, lest it eats us from the inside out.

Those four fundamentals (face the facts, address the issue, move on, learn from it) have served well (even when it hurts, and usually it does, but there's always light at the end of the tunnel) and I know there's someone else out there who needs the reminder to choose well when facing life going-ons that aren't 'highlight reel worthy', even if it hurts. Despite any pain, frustration, confusion or despair, what ever situation you might be in, it won't be endured in vain, because all things work for good, if we let them. The bittersweet reality of God given free will.

A great way to move forward through the hurts and challenges of life include taking care of yourself, praying often, staying active, reaching out to trustworthy people for community and support, treating others better than you feel and taking it day by day.

Remember, pressure makes diamonds.

So much love,

Kelsey Lee

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