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Quit Trying to Keep Everyone Happy

When we quit worrying about trying to keep everyone happy (because we won’t, and it’s all good), life becomes bigger and your vibes get better. You were fearfully and wonderfully made; created to make a difference and stand out for your own unique abilities, traits and gifts- not to fit into any one particular mold the world seems to think is ideal, or to appease other people.

No matter what you do, where you live, what your background or current situation looks like, people of all sorts are going to have their perceptions, opinions and ideals for you and your life, and much of the time they are going to be way off kilter from what God really has for you, so be prepared to stand your ground and be resolute in what it is you do. Just because someone else doesn’t see the same vision as you, doesn’t mean it’s not there or discount its value.

I used to find myself exhausted, listening to people I respected to some degree telling me what I was doing wrong, or how I should better do things, all while knowing in the deepest part of me that I was in the right place and doing the right things for the right reasons. It took years for me to find my confidence in my role as an individual whose life won’t look the way others might think is best – and that’s okay. This isn’t about being teachable, or learning from others’ mistakes, or hearing out those who play an influential role in our lives – this is about knowing what we’re created to do, why we are created to do it, and being resolute and decided that the opinions of people will not distract or deter us. Even the little things (like how we dress, how we eat, or what our favorite colors are) are individual to each of us and there’s no good reason to constantly shove them aside just to blend in with the rest. How many people do you know of who live that way, and find safety in 'average', always going where the wind takes them to fit in and be liked? Are they really pursuing all that this life has for them? Average isn’t going to cut it if we want a meaningful, fulfilling, joy-filled, purpose-filled existence.

That being said, know yourself well, and live confidently in your own unique journey of whatever it is you were created to do.

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