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3 Easy Ways to Get Moving and Feel Better at Work, School or Home

For most of us, its easy to spend more hours than not in a day being sedentary, especially with the use of technology and working at a keyboard and screen - but, also, for must of us, being intentional about taking care of ourselves is a wanted priority. So without complicating your already task-filled day, these three simple to-do's make feeling better and moving around easy in seconds.

1) Breathe big enough to open up your lungs, taking a breath in that lasts at least 3-seconds, and exhaling fully so that you're able to repeat 2-5 times. Every cell in your body will benefit from more oxygen pumping through your lungs, and veins... which is why the next to-do is easy to knock out along with this one.

2) Get up and take a walk around - your office, a hallway, your house, the yard, a patio, or anywhere taking more than 10 steps is possible.

3) Move your limbs and roll your head, not your eyes - combine this with the other two to-do's and bam, instant mood and body boost, especially when stress is sneaking in or already taking over. Slowly roll your head from side to side, then turn your head both left and right as far as you can with just a gentle stretch each direction. Get your arms and legs moving. Shoulder shrugs, full range of motion arm circles going forward and backwards can be done from your chair, while walking, standing or strolling around anywhere. Clasp your hands overhead and gently stretch up and over to the right, then to the left, holding for 5 or more seconds each way.

Simple, right? Very. Its the little things that make the difference, and these are three of the easiest ways to let your body take a break without breaking a sweat, and giving your brain a boost without indulging in mindless snacking or sitting in stress.

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