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Let THEM Be Strong

We all want to excel and become better (beit in our health and fitness, relationships, education, career or hobby), but sometimes being able to do so gets blocked by always rushing to the rescue of other people for the sake of ignoring what really needs attention in us. I'm talking to the people-pleasers (I was once one of them), and the intentionally aloof (I was also once one of those, too). Do you constantly become readily available to rescue people when their times get tough? Or often feel compelled to be the scapegoat for someone out of obligation? By all means, have a heart to love and serve others, just don’t do things solely out of obligation or as a way to ignore and neglect the fire(s) that need to be put out in your own life. When there is fear, control, or ego involved in acting as a rescue to others, you really just create a recipe for burnout, bitterness, and delayed personal breakthroughs for everyone involved. The person (or people) you feel you’re acting as a hero for might actually be at the crossroads of a major breakthrough – maybe they’re on the brink of becoming stronger than ever before, but you stepping in and having to take control debilitates their growth; that’s a huge disservice to them. Or maybe they're already moving in the direction they need to go, and instead of holding their hand you should be moving forward in something yourself. Let them be strong. Pray for them, encourage and speak life into them, but let them be strong. In the process, you'll grow stronger, too.

The heart behind this is in no way to discredit or discourage acts of love and service, but to be an encouragement to set boundaries, consider intentions, and not be consumed with people-pleasing or having control over every single outcome. It’s part of our design to want to help others, but if the intentions aren’t truly pure and out of love, trying to be everyone’s hero is just done in vain.

-Kelsey Lee

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