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My FIRST (3!) National Magazine Covers! HUGE Surprise For 2016!

The cat's out of the bag! What an incredible way to kick this year off! Glory to God. I was shocked to see my mug (and calves) on 3 of the Nationwide IMPACT Magazines that released today! What an honor to be able to represent AdvoCare and all of the champions in this company that I get to do life with! What this company has been to and for Tyler, me, and hundreds of our loved ones, is beyond words, and if there ever comes a time you want to chat about what it can be for you in whatever way that best fits your life, your dreams and your health or fitness goals, we'll be here. For those outside of the U.S. - we aren't quite yet in other countries but send me an email if you want to work with me! THAT being said, no matter when you might be reading this, starting with a 24 day challenge or just plugging in some good supplement support to reach your goals is usually where I start those I work with*. So, for those who are serious about getting results by incorporating practical lifestyle habits, shoot me an email through the contact form here on the website and let's get you in a groove!

*When you plug in with me, you always have phone and text access, personalized coaching and endless support! You may just know me as the girl from the workout videos, but working with people individually is where most of my time is spent, and I wouldn't have it any other way! No matter what your body composition and overall health and fitness goals are (performance, weightloss, weightgain, general wellness, recovery), I'm here to help you navigate getting there!


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