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Do It "Like a Girl"

When you hear of, or accuse someone of doing something “like a girl”, you’re likely to translate that into a negative accusation- associating the phrase with weakness or an inability to successfully do something. Fortunately, that kind of stone age thinking is being buried by females who choose to excel in whatever it is they do, with hearts full of courage and mindsets that are far from weak.

You’re bound to know someone, at least one- who, just so happens to be a girl that is truly fearless and refuses to settle for anything short of her best. Someone who, if accused of doing something ‘like a girl’, would agree without hesitation. That is the attitude that should be associated with all things done ‘like a girl’.

Knowing that girls are fully capable of excellence in any area of their lives, it should also be considered that no matter how strong and capable they are, they appreciate being treated with love and respect. That being said, unless you’re sure it’s appreciated, there’s no need to go shoulder checking your female counterparts as a means to acknowledge how rad they are. Don’t ditch your manners, but do ditch the mindset that doing things ‘like a girl’ equals subpar.

In support of all my fellow go-getters who happen to be female, share your favorite workouts where you can support being strong, and staying fit (like a girl) on and follow me on social media @kelseyleedotcom (tag me in your posts) so I can cheer you and your friends on!

Keep it moving :)


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