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Why You're Not Seeing Results You Want | Part 1

Visible results are why we decide to put in the effort it takes to bring them about, so how do we deal with the hard truth that achieving them takes more time than we may want? The plea I read and hear asked so often is, "Why am I not seeing results, yet?". Moving forward to the results we're after requires more than just effort, it requires a plan, diligence and consistency.

Here are five very fundamental things to consider before jumping the mindset gun of "(XYZ) is just not working for me because I don't see the results I think I should see yet", or "maybe I just need to do quick fix (XYZ) because it promises fast results", or worse, settling for fear of change and becoming complacent.

1) In what condition am I starting from and how far from my desired end goal am I?

2) How long did it take for me to put on the weight that I want off? (if weightloss is the goal)

3) How long will it take for me to get this weight off safely and for lasting results?

OR How long will it take for me to put on the shape and size I want based on my structure and current body composition? (no drug use)

4) What do I need to change and do in order to acheive the results I want?

5) How am I going to set the afformentioned things in motion and stay accountable?

Those five questions require total self-honesty, but taking a true good look in the mirror and being transparent with ourselves does not always come easy. In fact, most people have conditioned themselves to avoid doing so to protect their self esteem, although it ends up doing more harm than good. Taking ownership over our circumstances is imperative for any kind of improvement (and yes, this goes beyond just body composition/fitness goals). So whether you're just approaching the start of working towards your health and fitness goal, or you're in a place of feeling 'stuck', make it a priority to set some time aside to really dig into those questions.

You may find you need help navigating realistic, practical timelines and a plan of action, so utilizing a coach will benefit you greatly by making the most efficient use of your time and efforts. Because many people who keep up with me send comments, messages and emails with questions about getting results that cannot be answered generally or in brief one-time responses, my calendar is expanding for new online and over phone coaching clients; this is, in my opinion, the most effective way for me to work with people who are dead serious about making changes and developing the lifestyle they want. If you're interested in working with me and willing to put in the effort you'll need to, shoot me an email to get started.

Making realistic, short term goals leading up to the bigger picture goal is powerfully helpful in maintaining consistency and deterring discouragement. Many people are constantly start-and-go, yo-yo'ing around, frustrated and without the results they once had their hearts set on, not only because they lack an effective plan and accountability, but because they aren't taking intentional time to acknowledge their small successes and victories as they go. Be sure you are considering the positive changes you're making on a day-to-day basis. Are you making efforts to get up and move more, drink more water throughout the day, and make better choices in your eating? Those are all positive components of lasting change, so celebrate them by acknowleding you are moving forward.

Something to be aware of is that you see yourself, everyday- multiple times everyday. Gradual changes aren't always very noticeable, if at all, to you because you become desensitized to them from looking at yourself daily. Remember, those gradual changes that seem insignificant or unnoticeable are what develop into that starkingly different 'before' and 'after' photo. If you're moving forward by staying intentional day-to-day, the results are in progress, so remind yourself this often, even if it takes referring to your 'before' photo and comparing it to a 'current' progress photo every few weeks. We all need encouragement, and it shouldn't only come from others (such as your coach or family and friends), so logging your progress photos and measurements is a great way to deter discouragement.

Ultimately, seeing results takes a well navigated plan, accountability and consistent, intentional time - and time beyond just one or two weeks, especially when your desire is to make them last. And time will pass whether or not we do the things it takes to get to where we want, so instead of yo-yo'ing in circles, I encourage you to decide, take action and live your best life in the time you do have, because outside of yourself being positively impacted by doing so, the world around you will also be blessed.

Keep those eyes lifted!

Written with love to help #makefitmatter,


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