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What Else It Takes To Get Great Results

Being your best, and having a physique you're truly confident in won't require rocket science, but it will require something that for many people, is even more complex. It's going to take the right mindset. Afterall, if you can master your own mind, you can master your own body. If you haven't already, read Why You're Not Seeing the Results You Want, Part One.

Anyone can set a goal and have the tools and resources necessary to reach it, but taking longterm action and seeing it through is an entirely different ballgame. I know what it feels like to be gung-ho about a goal, going all in for a period of time, then fizzling out of that ultra-motivated mindset and losing ground on the progress that was starting to happen. Have you been in those shoes, before? Maybe that's where you're at right now, and you're not okay with settling for less than your best. If either is the case, you've got two options:

1: Keep settling for less than best, not making any real change in your mindset, maybe trying to get in gear again, 'hoping for the best'.


2: Stop settling for less than best, take ownership over your mindset and adjust it to see the longerterm/bigger picture and be willing to go the extra miles it will take to reach your goal/s.

Reading the afforementioned article (Why You're Not Seeing the Results You Want, Part One) will help you gain some mental ground on making Option 2 happen.

There's no reason good enough to take shortcuts or rush something that you want to last forever. If you do take shortcuts, there's always some kind of compromise and repercussion that comes with them, so do yourself a favor and steer clear of them all together. Have a plan that serves a longterm purpose - no one deserves 'ONE HIT WONDER' results. If you don't have a plan, or need help developing one, use a coach.

Find your WHY for wanting to achieve that goal heavy on your heart, and write it down (Habbakuk 2:2 was the 'word of wisdom' I needed to help me see the value in pinpointing my purpose, my why for doing whatever it is I"m doing and writing it down). Put it somewhere you'll see it, often. This could be a Post It note on your mirror(s), somewhere in the kitchen, the car, the office, or on your phone. For me, it's on a white board/calendar kept in the kitchen area.

Give someone permission to help hold you accountable to walking your talk. This is where someone you can trust comes in, someone you either know is reliable to hold you accountable, or a qualified and experienced coach.

Keep your mind right. Give yourself a chance, and don't lose patience. There's a reason the old addage "patience is a virtue" has lasted as long as it has. You are the variable in the kind of results you acheive.

Consistent action and commitment requires a certain type of person, and you are 100% capable of being that type of person- someone with the mental fortitude to stay focused on their goal/s and not be detered or wiped out by people or circumstances that don't fully align with those goals. That's applicable to any avenue of life. If you want a goal badly enough, you'll do what it takes to achieve it. Where there's a will, there's a way.

With love,


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