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Why You're Not Seeing Results | Part 2

We covered some very foundational, but pertinent, points in "PART 1" (regarding health and fitness goal setting), so as long as you’ve earnestly addressed those, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of one of the most common stumbling blocks people encounter on the road to results. People.

We’ve all had (or, have) those people who somehow linger in our life (or possibly just our Facebook) who criticize and cast doubt at every chance they get. These people are either in dire need for personal development and growth or lack their own vision and purpose for their lives, and because they aren’t spending their valuable time moving forward in their own, they wind up trying to cloud the vision and purpose of others. Understandably, you may have a soft spot for them and can’t bring yourself to click “unfriend”, or completely remove them from your life (if they’re related, this can be even more tricky, so use discernment in how you choose to keep negativity at bay), but you know they are poisoning your mojo and want it to stop.

Here’s the best advice I can give regarding this issue:

Take ownership for yourself! When you truly take ownership over your own attitude and choices, it doesn’t matter who says what, does what or thinks what. You could be capped out at 5000 friends on Facebook who all poke fun at or discourage all things you do, or have an unmentionably terrible home or work life – it wouldn’t matter. What matters is what matters most to you and your personal conviction to spend your valuable time and energy on whatever that is.

That being said, are you going to allow opinions and discouragement from others to slow down, distract or even derail your capability to achieve what it is you want? I hope not.

Maybe you don’t have lurking parade-killers in your life; maybe the people in your circle/s just don’t fully accommodate you doing what it takes to get to your goal. If body transformation or weightloss is your goal, an example could be that “your friends, family or coworkers ‘make it difficult’ for you to stay focused”. The question is, do they really make it difficult? Or do you make it difficult because you aren’t totally willing to take ownership over your thoughts/attitude and choices? Do what I refer to as “tough love yourself” and get into a mindset where it is okay that people aren’t accommodating to your goal’s needs, and it is okay that they don’t really capture the vision you have for it. It really is totally okay. You can do it, anyway.

Just stay focused on what matters, and take ownership over doing what it takes to do so.

Read "Life - Your Dreams - Make It Happen" from my friends at Swoob, and "What It Really Takes" from to power more fuel into your results-focused-fire!

With love,

Kelsey Lee

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